How to Stay Connected When Home Alone


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How to Stay Connected When Home Alone


For those occupying a solo space, it can either feel like a blessing or a curse depending on the day. While some struggle with housemates and families, solo home time comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it feels more important than ever to stay connected.

In a world of uncertainty, sometimes the mind craves companionship and the company of others when it wants to stay safe. When there are physical chasms of social distancing between us, the body may start to yearn for the simple joy of touch. How do we keep our spirits high and our bodies vibrating when we live alone? These tips offer tiny beautiful ways to stay connected…


See Faces


Even if you don’t really dig video calls, its important to see the faces of those you hold dear. Even just a once or twice a week video call with family and friends can help to remind us that those we love are still out there and just because we cannot physically see them right now doesn’t mean that we cannot connect and thrive off their facial expressions, the lilt of their laughter, and show them exactly how you finally mastered your handstand scorpion pose.


Walk Places


If you are still able to leave your abode for a walk, you should try and get in the habit of doing it as part of your daily routine if possible. Vitamin D is one of the best supplements we can have right now – especially in its natural form as most of us aren’t out of doors as much as we are used to. Even if it's raining, take a walk, admire the nature, and feel connected to the earth beneath your feet and the world beyond your window.


Give Something


Connection doesn’t always have to be about conversations and familiar faces, sometimes it can be the great gossamer thread that links us all. If you want to find a new and valuable way of connecting, consider the ways in which you can give back to your community – whether local or global. If you are healthy, you could take up a spot of volunteering either in person or online. There are tons of great causes out there right now that need help – whether it's in terms of time, skills or finance, there is always a way to help.


Join a Virtual Community


Now may be the perfect time to peer past the periphery and look towards new connections. Social media and the World Wide Web are brimming with forums, online courses, and communities that cover just about anything. Whether you are passionate about classical orchestral music, speculative fiction, wild foraging, or anything in-between – you can bet there will be a group or community page with like-minded people online. For those seeking to grow spiritually and connect with others who move in the same vein, there are lots of amazing online courses for breathwork and yoga communities too.


Connect With the Self


You may think all you are doing right now is connecting with yourself, but it’s an important practice to keep up. Tuning in to the body and aligning the mind will help you to stay balanced right now. Sometimes we can go through the motions without taking the time to check in with how we are really feeling spiritually and physically. Whether its taking five minutes in the morning to do a body check-in, writing daily in a journal, or finding some way to move your body in a form of self-expression, now is the time to be feeding that root chakra so you can stay safe and grounded.

Do you live alone? What tips do you have for other solo dwellers? Share support in the comments.


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