Fair Trade Brands for Guilt Free Gifting


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Fair Trade Brands for Guilt Free Gifting


Birthdays, moon days, the turn of the solstice and just to say I love and appreciate you; gift-giving can be a glorious practice of showing how much you care. In a world of rampant consumerism and environmental issues, it can be tricky to navigate a clear path through our purchasing decisions. By opting to buy from ethical fair-trade brands you aren’t just investing in products, but you are also making the choice to invest in people. Fairtrade leads to a better life for all; from helping economies bloom to supporting individual craftsmanship, here’s our guide for the best brands to buy from and to keep your conscience clean…


Sivana Spirit


Give the gift of clean and balanced chakras, fair trade jewels, and gorgeously crafted clothing with Sivana Spirit. Led by the Sivana founders, Benn and Sam – after taking an adventure to India they decided that they wanted to set up a company that could help children growing up in impoverished communities. Sivana was born into being and sells beautiful spiritual centered gifts and fair-trade products, all with the aim of giving back to those in need. Sivana focuses it's giving on children with Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder. With every purchase helping supply and distribute those much-needed vitamin A tablets to children in need, to date Sivana has helped protect the lives of over 800 thousand children in the past three years. 


Green Banana Paper


Beautiful bi-fold wallets, clutch purses, artist papers, and even business cards are all on sale at the inspired Green Banana Paper Company. Based in Micronesia, this tiny run company curate products that are fully vegan, organic, and plastic-free. The small-scale factory employs only local people and pays them 50-150% more than the minimum wage. The factory also uses only the natural resources on the island. Green Banana Paper goes beyond; ticking all the boxes and showcasing what a green, ethical and local commitment to the economy and the environment can look like.


Divine Chocolate


A divine story of just how good chocolate can be. Divine Chocolate was started by a group of cocoa farmers in Ghana who wanted to launch their own farmer-owned fair-trade chocolate company marketed towards the masses. It worked. For twenty years, Divine Chocolate has been changing the chocolate industry, supporting the needs of local farmers and communities, and bringing together a staggering 85 thousand farmer members who make incredible chocolate with pure cocoa all the way. Organic, rich and glorious – Divine Chocolate comes in a whole host of flavors.


Fair Trade Winds



Gifts that give back, gifts that empower women, and gifts that stop trafficking – there’s a lot to love about Fair Trade Winds. Selling everything from journals to bags, clothing to homeware, Fair Trade Winds have brick and mortar stores alongside selling online. A family run business committed to helping change fast fashion, this is a company that cares deeply about whom they partner with and only showcase brands that deliver on fair wage promises. On their books are artisans around the world, small co-ops, and local businesses that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Which fair trade brands are your favorite when it comes to inspired buying? Share in the comments and let’s build our list of beautiful brands that will change the world.


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