Crystals For Beginners: 12 Stones You Must Have


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Crystals For Beginners: 12 Stones You Must Have

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Find yourself drawn to the sparkling shades of crystals? Curious about gemstone healing? We have the lowdown on how to get started in the wondrous world of crystal magic. 

Discover the power of crystals 

woman crosslegged with crystals and incence

  • Use for daily balance and well-being
  • Cleanse blockages from the chakras
  • Stay connected to your soul magic

Alchemy is alive and well when it comes to stone magic. For all those who have wondered all about the how, why, and which when it comes to crystals, we are here to map out the best starter crystals to get you going on your journey. Crystals come in a thousand shapes, styles, and colors but more than just being pretty to look at, they also come with a whole host of healing properties and can be used in your daily life to help bring a sense of balance and well-being.

There are crystals for clearing chakras, crystals for protective measures, crystals for self-care, crystals for emotional energy, and crystals for attracting all that you desire and more. You just have to choose one that works with your own systems of power. You may be wondering how you would even know which crystal was the right one for you, but this is where we take out very first lesson in working with crystals. It’s all about learning to trust yourself and letting your intuition guide you. If we learn to tap into that well of wisdom, we know exactly what we need for our own self-care and we know where in our wellness journey we are rising and where we may be falling. Taking this knowledge and finding crystals that can help strengthen our strengths and build resilience in places we may have fragility is a glorious act of self-care just in itself.

You will probably find that there is more than one crystal out there calling your name and that’s totally cool. Building a crystal collection is a joyous thing and means that we can draw on different crystals to meet our moods as rarely is anyone riding through life at a constant speed. Don’t feel afraid to experiment with crystals and see which stones connect to your spirit.

Crystals are enticing. They are a potent reminder that we are willing to show up and make choices to get the inner work done. Flowering into your best self is work and takes recognition and effort. This doesn’t mean we need to throw ourselves headfirst into healing, but it can mean taking small steps and crystals can help facilitate that. They are a visual representation of our intention. They are a talisman of care and compassion to ourselves and others. And they are a wonderful way we can stay connected with our own soul magic and the wider world that hangs out there in the cosmos. It’s time to discover the universe both inside and out, it’s time to kickstart your own crystal collection.

If you want to know more about journeying with gemstones, check out our guide to essential crystals right here.

The Must-Have Healing Crystals 

As mentioned, the best way to pick crystals that work for you is to use your intuition and see what draws you in. Sometimes, your eye will automatically rove towards a certain shape or color of crystal, other times your curiosity is sparked by the name or something within connects when you hear about the healing properties – a tiny whisper inside that says yes. We understand that with so many crystals out there it can be overwhelming to choose one which is where this beginners guide to the most popular crystals comes in handy. We have chosen a selection of first crystals that are easy to get hold of, gentle to work with, and can be a great way of getting your healing stones collection up and running. Here are some of the best crystals for beginners:

1) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz
  • The master healer
  • Brings clarity and amplifies energy

Also known as the Master Healer, you can see immediately why Clear Quartz is at the top of our must-have list for beginner crystals. The Clear Quartz stone is one of the most popular crystals thanks to its purist point of view and its ability to bring a sense of clarity, raise your vibrations, and work on your self-esteem. This quartz crystal is known for aiding spiritual growth, clearing out negative energies, and providing a long-term pick me up along with emotional stability for those who may be struggling. Clear Quartz also spring cleans your aura and is a major amplifier. It’s an ace crystal to have in your collection as it amps up the energy of your other crystals. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.


2) Amethyst 

  • Nurtures calmness and contemplation
  • Helps with sleep

Amazing Amethyst is a stone you are sure to recognize. The violet and purple quartz is easily noticeable and known for its connection to the crown chakra. The crown chakra is our highest energy point and the way in which we connect with higher plains and the universe on a spiritual level. If all that sounds a little lofty, fear not. Amethyst is also a stone that nurtures deep contemplation, a calm frame of mind, and an everlasting sense of serenity. It also aids in decision making too. On the physical level, those who struggle with sleep will find Amethyst helps to gently shut down your mind so you can rest easy. It also boosts immunity and takes care of migraines too. For those who crave calmness and positivity, Amethyst is your perfect starter stone. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz
  • Encourages self-love
  • Deepens all kinds of relationships

Pretty in pink and known for helping to grow your sense of self-love, Rose Quartz is a beautiful beginner crystal for all. This sweet stone is a heart chakra healer. It helps to soothe old wounds, breaks down walls that no longer serve you, and grows your capacity for trust and unconditional love. What we mean when we talk about love isn’t just the romantic flourish of another, but our whole spectrum of relationships – including how we care for ourselves. For those who want to work on deepening bonds, building compassion, turning away from co-dependency, and working on their own ability to self-soothe, the rosy glow of this crystal is a great choice. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


4) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
  • Clears the throat chakra
  • Encourages self-expression

The wise Lapis Lazuli is part of the more mystical crystal set but is still a greater starter stone for those who want to tune into their own intuition and perhaps even nurture hidden psychic gifts. Lapis Lazuli is beautiful in blue and is a crystal with a long history of being loved by pharaohs, goddesses, and artists. It has a certain sense of serenity that helps you to sit comfortably in your own thoughts at the same time as nurturing self-expression. Lapis Lazuli connects with the throat chakra which helps us to share our truth with the world. When our throat chakra is clear we can communicate our needs with bright confidence. Along with working the throat chakra, you can also use Lapis Lazuli for connecting with your own wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. It’s a great accompanying stone for tarot and other spiritual exploration. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


5) Carnelian 

  • Connects to the root chakra
  • Rich in vitality

Soaked in sunset colors, one glance at the Carnelian stone and it seems to stir up all your energy. Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony family and is one of the most stimulating starter stones you could wish for. With its fiery oranges and reds, you want to turn to Carnelian whenever you are feeling in an energy slump as this stone will pick you right back up. Carnelian is rich in vitality and not only does it bring the fizz and crackle of mental clarity but it also turns up the volume on your physical energy too. Like many of the red fiery stones, Carnelian connects to the root chakra and helps to strengthen our sense of safety and grounding. It also links up with the sacral chakra tapping into intimacy and desire. For those who want to bring their warrior spirit out to play, the Carnelian is a stone that sees you right. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


6) Hematite 

  • Famed for its protective powers
  • Known for courage

A harder crystal in shades of silver and black, Hematite is a crystal that can be wielded like a shield. This iron-rich stone was something of an obsession back in ancient Greece. They believed that it had incredible healing powers and could protect everyone from warriors on the battlefield to women in the birthing bed. These days, we recognize that Hematite is a strength bringer. It roots us right down, taps into our survival instinct, and helps us to overcome all that we fear and to call on courage. Whatever you need courage for; whether overcoming addiction, cutting out toxic people, finding your voice or learning to push outside your comfort zone, Hematite is your guiding star to get you there. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.


7) Moonstone 

  • Full of feminine power
  • Invites us to embrace change

Speaking of guiding lights, another gorgeous glimmer of hope and wellbeing can be found in the magic of the Moonstone. For those who feel the need to have a highly feminine crystal in their collection, the pale pearly glow of the Moonstone is a must. Considered to be a gemstone of inward vision, the luminous Moonstone serves to remind us that just like the phases of mother moon in the sky, everything runs in cycles and we must learn to move and adapt with these changes. In a physical sense, t is a great stone for those wanting to get in touch with their bodily wisdom and find their own flow. It also helps with all kinds of reproductive and fertility issues. In an emotional sense, the Moonstone helps us to move into new phases and invites us to accept all that we cannot change. It also helps to settle hormones and keeps us connected to the cosmos. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


8) Black Obsidian 

Black Obsidian
  • Helps with grounding
  • A truth seeker stone

Every starter gemstone kit needs to have a protector of the realm and this happens to be the deep and dreamy Black Obsidian. Whether you are an empath who needs a little protection from feeling everyone’s feels or if you simply want a way to stay grounded and out of the way of toxic emotions and negative energy, then this is the stone for you. Not only does Black Obsidian keep you protected but it also connects with your root chakra so you can build those skills that help you to protect yourself. It is also a truth seeker stone that works with you to find your pathways of authenticity and to unravel the layers to get down to the core. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.


9) Selenite 

  • Highly spiritual 
  • Brings clarity and vision

A saintly stone that shimmers in angel hues, the Selenite gem is all silk and goddess energy. This stone also goes by a handful of other names such as Satin Spar and Desert Rose. It is known for glowing clarity and vision, radiating peace, and providing protection for your energetic fields and space. Selenite can be a great stone for conducting energy and also reminding us that we can create our own sacred space in our body, our mind, and our soul. It instantly helps to shed anxieties and worries and encourages healthy insight so you can bloom into your beautiful sense of being. Selenite is also a solid starter stone for those wanting to explore pathways into higher plains and connections with other entities. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.


10) Pyrite

  • Protects against EMFs
  • Inspires confidence

Taking its name from the Greek word for fire, Pyrite is also known by the nickname of Fools Gold. Similar to gold in looks, Pyrite is all energy and is awesome at keeping negative vibes and EMF effects at bay. Pyrite is a great stone for building up strength and stamina not just in the physical sense but emotionally too. It helps people to move out of stagnant and depressive energies and invites confidence levels to soar. Those who aim for leadership roles love Pyrite. It’s a glorious glimmering stone for reviving the light of lost dreams and it also helps bring back creative energy to the solar plexus and the sacral chakras. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.


11) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline
  • Creates a barrier against negative energy
  • Keeps you stable in body, mind and soul

Another warrior stone to turn to when you need protection from electromagnetic fields, Black Tourmaline is hugely powerful and having it in your collection is like wearing a cloak of protection. When you have the raw and raucous Black Tourmaline close by you better bet that no negative energy is going to enter your forcefield. This stone can get you grounded in seconds and when our root is tethered to the floor we no longer need to worry about external forces shaking our foundations. This fact alone can be a huge boost in power and keep us stable in body, mind, and soul. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


12) Citrine 

  • Brings luck and prosperity
  • Lends light and life

We all need a shot of sunshine on our person and fortunately the bright energy of Citrine can bring that radiant light to even the darkest days. Citrine is also known as the merchants stone, in homage to its luck and luscious prosperity. This stone wants you to succeed and is going to provide you with everything you need to make that happen. For starters, its warm energy basks you in a feeling of brilliance which in turn grants you the confidence to go out and seek all your wildest dreams. It’s also a good stone to have close by if you suffer from chronic fatigue or any other energy-draining ailment. Citrine is a life-giver and a light bringer and grants you all the optimism you need to shine. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

How to use gemstones 

selection of chakra energy bracelets

Check out our chakra bracelet set

  • Wear them
  • Welcome them to your home
  • Use in meditation

Now you have your awesome selection of starter gemstones the next step is knowing how to use them to get the best of their energy. One of the best ways to use your crystals is to look for gemstone jewelry. Having gemstones placed directly on the skin means that these potent healing stones can get straight to work on providing protection, cleansing your chakras, and aligning with your intention. If you don’t want to wear gemstone jewelry then there are other ways to bring the healing powers of crystals to light. You can place tumbled stones on your windowsill or in your workspace, you can create crystal grids for all-round healing, and you can use worry stones as tools in mindful meditation.

How to cleanse & recharge your crystals

  • Cleanse regularly 
  • Charge to restore power

It’s important to keep your crystals cleansed and charged regularly to make sure that they get a chance to dump out all of that negative energy they have been collecting. Cleansing and recharging should be done after particularly heavy reiki or healing sessions or every few weeks depending on what’s been going on in your world. You can cleanse by simply running your crystal underwater for a few moments. If your crystal feels particularly delicate or doesn’t do well with water you can also choose smudging with sage or palo santo. To recharge, place your crystals beneath the full moon or in a slant of sunlight. Again, delicate crystals can be placed in soil, brown rice, or be placed with other quartz crystals who can help to build that energy back up.


Crystals can have the power to change your life. They encourage us to be gentle with ourselves, to practice self-care, and to carry intention with us wherever we go. Gemstones provide a gateway into building ourselves up and working to align our body, mind, and soul. For all those beginning their journey with crystals, we salute you and wish you all the joy in the world on this awesome adventure. 

Which crystal are you going to choose first? Share your starter crystal faves with us in the comments.

Crystals for Beginners FAQS



How to use crystals for beginners?

One of the best ways to use crystals for beginners is to wear the gemstone close to your skin. Wearing the stone against your skin helps to sync vibrations and provides easy access to whatever energy the stone is bringing. You can also carry a worry stone with you.

How to meditate with crystals for beginners?

Welcome your healing crystal to your meditation by keeping it on your person during your practice. You can hold the stone in hand during meditation or you can place it on a chakra that feels like it may be blocked in order to shift energy and bring about healing.

How to use a crystal ball for beginners?

Beginners should start with a crystal ball like Clear Quartz or Smoky Quartz as these can be easier to read. Cleanse your ball and place it in a positive space. You can set intention with candles and smudge the ball with sage. Hold the ball in both hands and breathe deeply to connect with the crystal ball. Keep breathing intentionally and allow visions and images to enter your mind. Try not to force images but instead hold the space as a receiver.

How to program crystals for beginners?

The easiest way to program your crystals is to cleanse them first. Once cleansed, the stone is ready to sit with your own unique energy. You can program the crystal by holding it in your hand and asking what you want of it or using mantras that support the crystals energy and your needs. Afterwards, keep the stone on your person or wear it in jewelry form so it attunes to your energy.

What chakra crystals to buy for beginners?

One of the best chakra crystals you can have is the Clear Quartz stone. Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz works across all the energy points in the body and can effectively clear out any stagnant energy and blocks from tip to toe. Clear Quartz is also an amplifier and can help balance your emotions.

What size crystal is good for a beginner?

Bigger crystals can be more powerful so beginners may want to start with slightly smaller stones. Gemstone jewelry, tumbled stone sets, and worry stones are all great places to start. Larger crystal shapes and towers can be good to bring into the home especially if you want soothing and calming crystals to lend that energy to your space.

How to use amethyst crystal for beginners?

One of the best ways for beginners to use the Amethyst crystal is to wear it in the form of gemstone jewelry. By wearing an Amethyst bracelet or other piece of jewelry, you can surround yourself with the healing energy of the stone and let it do the work subconsciously. You can also hold the Amethyst stone when feeling anxious so it can soothe your worries and you can slip it beneath the pillow for sweeter sleep.

How do you use crystals for beginners?

There are many ways to use crystals for beginners. You can start by wearing your favorite crystals as gemstone jewelry. Having crystals pressed against the skin is a really good way for them to do the work, bring you into emotional balance, and cleanse the chakras. You can also meditate with crystals and welcome them into your home in the form of crystal towers and stones to bring healing energy into your space.

How to charge crystals for beginners?

Keeping your crystals charged is important if you want them to work at the height of their powers. Charging your crystals can be done as regularly as you feel is needed or after a big energy session. You can charge your stones under the light of the moon, you can place them in earth, or you can leave them in the company of other big energy charging stones such as Clear Quartz and Selenite.

How to cleanse crystals for beginners?

Keeping your crystals cleansed is an essential part of crystal ownership. There are several ways of doing this and not all stones like to be cleansed the same way. For stones that are harder and above a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, you can often run them under water to discharge any built up energy. Softer stones can be smudged or cleansed in the company with other stones like Clear Quartz or Selenite.

How to wire wrap crystals for beginners?

Start with two pieces of wire of a similar length and twist the wires together. Make around three twists and make a V at the bottom. Place the stone in the V so it holds your fave gem in place and then bend the wire up and twist again on the other side. Your stone should be snugly nestled in. Keep twisting until you reach the top of the stone and then cross the wires over the top and continue twisting. Your gem should be fully secure and cradled in the wire.

What crystals to buy for beginners?

Some of the best crystals for beginners to use include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Hematite, Moonstone, Black Obsidian, Selenite, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, and Citrine. These are all good stones to start with as they have loving positive energy, protective vibes, and can help to bring your body, mind, and soul into harmony and balance.

What to do with crystals for beginners?

If you are new to the world of crystals then there are lots of easy ways to get started on your healing journey. You can start with wearing your gemstones in the form of jewelry as this is one of the easiest ways of letting the crystal do the work without you having to do anything. You can also meditate by holding them in hand or you can place them in areas of your home that you want more positive or protective energy. Make sure to cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis to ensure they are working to the best of their ability. Depending on the stone you can cleanse and charge with water, moonlight, smudging or using other stones.

How to activate crystals for beginners?

One of the best ways to activate your stone as a beginner is to simply be in its presence and have it close to the body. When you get your crystals home, you are best cleansing and charging them so that they start life with you intune with your energy. Then, simply wear your crystal jewelry or hold your crystals for a few minutes each day so you can sync up your vibrations. Your crystal will naturally be activated by your own energy.

Is amethyst a good crystal for beginners?

Yes, Amethyst is a great crystal for beginners. This is because it is a truly soothing stone that nurtures balance, compassion, and higher thinking. It’s a good gemstone for those who are trying to improve their sleep or for those who want to let go of stress and anxiety. It helps with decision making and aligns you with your higher purpose - all without being overwhelming.

Is carnelian a good crystal for beginners?

Carnelian is also a good crystal for beginners. With its robust energy and its earthy bright colorings, it is a stone that comes soaked to the bone in vitality. Carnelian connects to the root chakra which means it can keep you feeling grounded and safe. It also boosts your confidence and can be a great gem for bringing your warrior spirit out.


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