Creative Projects To Keep You Going All Month


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Creative Projects To Keep You Going All Month



Rearranging your closet, lending some Feng Shui to your office and learning to bake are becoming popular hobbies for those at home right now, but what about projects that involve a long-term investment in time? Having a continuous project can be an amazing way of finding a different direction of purpose right now.  It can also help to keep you feeling calm, productive, and help distract you from some of the wider news happening outside your window. For those seeking exciting new projects that will keep you going all month, take a look at these ideas…


Pen a Masterpiece


OK, maybe quarantine won’t make you produce your own version of King Lear, but why not take this time to try and pen something on a consistent basis. Whether it’s taking the time to write a three-line Haiku every day and gathering them into a collection, working on a simple short story, or even keeping a journal, creative practice is always worth investing your time in and serves as a record and reminder of this period of time. Writing is also hugely therapeutic. If you want to give yourself a little more of a challenge why not move NaNoWriMo forward? National Novel Writing Month happens in November, but instead of waiting, you could use this time to hash out your 50,000-word manuscript.


Brew Beer and Wine


If you are worried about running out of luxury essentials, this could be an amazing time to try your hand at home-brewing. From craft beer to dandelion wine or even medieval-style honey mead, you may just have the ingredients growing right in your home garden. There are tons of different styles of sip and swirl pleasures you can DIY; sweet cider, floral-inspired wines, liquors, beers, and even fermented juices and joyous kombucha for those who want to stay healthy and full of zest.


Macramé Making


While you can wire wrap and create bead jewelry in a matter of days, macramé magic can be a longer-term project. An ancient tradition beloved by the modern world, there is something richly soothing about embracing this 13th-century art and curating your own woven masterpieces. From bracelets to potted plant holders, wall designs, and even bags – there are tons of creative ideas out there that will get your fingers flowing.


Make a Dress


If you have always longed for seamstress skills why not try to whip up a dress or other item of clothing? If you have a sewing machine you have more opportunity to create a special pattern, but even if you don’t – an old t-shirt, a measuring tape, a pair of scissors and an internet tutorial can help you create a glorious new garment. If you can invest in some good patterns and fabric then making a gorgeous fairy gown for celebrating the end of lockdown is sure to keep you busy.


Get Growing


A garden or greenhouse brimming with beautiful fresh foods, herbs and pretty scented flowers isn’t something you can achieve in a day. If you are looking for a long-term project that will yield edible results and keep you connected to the earth, gardening can be a glorious therapeutic pleasure. Beginners will need to acquaint themselves with the basics, and of course – what you can do depends on the space you have and the climate that beats outside your window. Yet, even on a small scale – tending a garden or vegetable patch is a perfect investment of your time.

Which long term projects have you been turning to? Share your creative ideas with us on the comments and let’s get busy.


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