17 Crystals For Love: Manifest The Love Life of Your Dreams


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17 Crystals For Love: Manifest The Love Life of Your Dreams


Whatever the big L word means to you - when it’s time to soak yourself in the light of a healthy relationship these heart-felt healing crystals are here to help.

Take a look at our essential guide to healing gemstones and find a crystal that captures you.

Draw closer to your soulmate or find self-love 

  • Unblock heart chakras, mend a broken heart, and attract abundance
  • Use crystals to nurture self-love
  • Call on crystals to set your love intention

For those who are ready to welcome the wonder of unconditional love into their hearts, why go seeking without a soul compass? Healing crystals are an amazing tool for helping to mend a broken heart, unblock those heart chakras, and to attract a smorgasbord of love and abundance to fill you right up.

Sometimes, when we want to manifest the life of our dreams we need to set out with intention and keep our mind and energy focused so that our goals align beautifully with the universe. Healing crystals can be an essential ingredient. Certain stones bring you into alignment so you are ready and well-placed to receive the love you have been waiting for. Certain gems attract love and draw those that are meant to be in your life ever closer. Certain crystals bring even more radiance and balance to the relationships you already have.

Yet, one of the most important facets of love is the love we build for ourselves. This can be one of the trickier relationships to heal and again, crystals can help. Self-love can mean many things, but it is the commitment to keeping your own sense of happiness and wellbeing in high regard. It means listening to the body and the soul and knowing how to put your own needs first when necessary. When we welcome the light of self-love into our world, we are better placed for building beautiful relationships with others and for unlocking our dreams so we can climb to the pinnacle of our being. If you are ready to attract all that you deserve in the world of love, keep reading to find out which crystals make the perfect match.

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